Advocacy Update

Forrest WallWritten by Forrest Wall, CAE, Staff Vice President and Industry Relations

Senate Committee Considers Eviction Legislation

One of the first bills introduced in the new legislative session would amend a section of the Summary Proceedings to Recover Possession of Premises chapter of the Revised Judicature Act. Senate Bill 3 proposes to revise the list of individuals a court could command to restore a plaintiff’s possession of premises following a judgement, as well as specify the procedure for removing personal property. Under existing law, a court entering a judgement for possession in a summary proceeding must issue a writ commanding a sheriff, or other officer authorized to serve process, to restore full possession. The legislation proposes to expand and specify the types of people the court can assign to include bailiffs of the issuing court, deputy sheriffs of the county in which the court is located, or an officer of a law enforcement agency of the local unit of government in which the court is located. The bill then specifies that all personal property from the premises must be left in an area open to the public or in the public right-of-way, or by delivering the property to the sheriff as authorized by the sheriff. The Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee is considering the legislation.

Enhanced Lien Legislation Introduced

Legislation introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives would enable a city to attach liens to additional property in cases involving overdue blight violations. Michigan law currently allows a city to obtain a lien against the land and buildings in blight violation cases where the property owner is delinquent in paying civil fines or costs. House Bill 4123 proposes to expand this law to allow a city the opportunity to attach the lien to any other land and buildings in Michigan owned or subsequently purchased by the property owner. AAM is opposing this legislation in the House Committee on Local Government and Municipal Finance.

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