Advocacy Update

Forrest Wall March 2021Written by HBA and AAM CEO, Forrest M. Wall, CAE

Prohibition On Disclosures Introduced
Legislation which would broaden the scope of the Landlord and Tenant Relationships Act and add a section to that act has been introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives. House Bill 5920 proposes an expansion of the act to include in its scope the prohibition of “certain disclosures from prospective tenants.” The legislation then adds a section to the act which would bar a landlord from requiring a prospective tenant from disclosing any of the following:

  • A conviction that has been set aside by court order under Michigan law
  • A finding of juvenile delinquency under federal statute
  • Participation in a juvenile diversion program
  • The assignment of youthful trainee status under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act
  • The entry of a judgment or order of disposition by a court of another state based on a finding that a juvenile violated a law of another state that would have been a criminal offense if committed by an adult in that state.
  • The legislation has been referred to the Committee on Judiciary for consideration.

Help AAM Make A Difference In Election 2022!
2022 promises to be a very interesting and important election year for Michigan. First, all key leadership posts (Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State) and legislative offices are up for grabs. Second, to make this election year even more intense, redistricting has altered the landscape of our state legislative and congressional districts. In some cases, incumbents are being pitted against one another under the newly drawn lines. Given all this, your Apartment Association’s role in researching and financially supporting candidates for state office is vitally important to the health of the multifamily rental property industry.

One great way you can assist us in this effort is by supporting AAM-PAC. AAM-PAC is the Apartment Association’s political action committee, which utilizes contributions from members and aggregates them into one fund. This fund is used to financially support those candidates who understand the important role of rental housing in Michigan’s economy. In short, we do the legwork for you to find the candidates who will best represent your business, and then support their campaign.

Please call Riva Gulli at 248-862-1002 to make your contribution today! AAM-PAC contributions must be made via personal, partnership, LLP, or LLC check or credit cards.

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