Advocacy Update

Written by Forrest Wall, CAE, Vice President Government Affairs and Industry Relations

Property Tax Extension Bills Vetoed
On July 8, Governor Whitmer vetoed two bills which would have provided businesses and individuals impacted by COVID-19 with an extension to pay their summer property taxes. House Bill 5761 would have amended the General Property Tax Act to defer the deadline to pay until March 1, 2021. Under that bill, to qualify for a deferment, a property owner would need to have experienced an economic hardship related to the pandemic and/or state government’s response to the pandemic. House Bill 5810 would have created a summer 2020 property tax advance payment program via the Michigan Department of Treasury. This program would provide payments to eligible local tax collecting units to alleviate the short-term cash flow problems from deferred tax payments under House Bill 5761. Both bills passed unanimously in the Michigan House of Representatives and with overwhelming bipartisan support in the Michigan Senate. In her veto explanation the Governor stated that she felt the bills would cause too much economic harm to local governments and that part of the legislation was unconstitutional. Despite the veto, discussions continue to find a potential compromise so stay tuned.

Help AAM Make A Difference In The 2020 Election!
With all 110 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives up for election this year, AAM needs your help to maintain our strong voice for the multifamily rental property industry. One great way you can assist us is by supporting AAM-PAC. AAM-PAC is the Apartment Association’s political action committee, which utilizes contributions from members and aggregates them into one fund. This fund is used to financially support those elected officials who understand the important role of rental housing in Michigan’s economy. In short, we do the legwork for you to find the candidates who will best represent your business, and then support their campaign.
Remember, AAM-PAC contributions must be made via personal, partnership, LLP, or LLC check or credit cards. Please call me at 248-862-1004 to make your contribution today!

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