Advocacy Update

Written by Forrest Wall, CAE, Vice President Government Affairs and Industry Relations
State of Emergency Bills Introduced
Three bills were introduced in the Michigan Senate in May which would statutorily restrict rental property evictions during states of emergency. The first bill, Senate Bill 912, is called the “Emergency Rental Relief Act.” This bill stipulates that during a declared state of emergency a landlord shall not attempt to recover possession of property under a lease, and, a court shall not advance a summary proceedings action to recover possession or enter a judgment for possession or issue an eviction order. The legislation further states that landlords shall not charge or seek to collect late fees for nonpayment of rent during a declared emergency. The bill also provides that a tenant may declare a lease terminated at any time during an emergency subject to notice provisions in the lease or in the proposed legislation. Senate Bill 913 would amend the Landlord and Tenant Relationships Act to allow for tenant lease termination as provided in the act created by Senate Bill 912. Senate Bill 914 would amend the Revised Judicature Act to mandate that a court may not enter a judgment for possession or take any action to advance a filing or issue an eviction order as dictated under the act created by Senate Bill 912. All three bills have been referred to the Finance Committee for consideration.

Help AAM Make A Difference In The 2020 Election!

With all 110 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives up for election this year, AAM needs your help to maintain our strong voice for the multifamily rental property industry. One great way you can assist us is by supporting AAM-PAC. AAM-PAC is the Apartment Association’s political action committee, which utilizes contributions from members and aggregates them into one fund. This fund is used to financially support those elected officials who understand the important role of rental housing in Michigan’s economy. In short, we do the legwork for you to find the candidates who will best represent your business, and then support their campaign.

Remember, AAM-PAC contributions must be made via personal, partnership, LLP, or LLC check or credit cards. Please call me at 248-862-1004 to make your contribution today!
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