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Forrest WallWritten by Forrest Wall, CAE, Staff Vice President and Industry Relations

Treasury Proposes To Eliminate Tax Tribunal

The Michigan Department of Treasury recently proposed a set of major reforms to Michigan’s tax appeal process. The centerpiece of the reform proposal would replace the Michigan Tax Tribunal (MTT) with a new Michigan Tax Court. Treasury’s rationale for proposing reforms is that the current tax appeals process is too complicated for taxpayers and involves review by some judges who lack the necessary expertise, thus resulting in “inconsistent or poorly-reasoned” decisions. In addition to the replacement of the MTT with a new court, the Treasury proposal includes standardized appeal procedures and timeframes, a restructuring of the role local communities play in the process, and establishment of qualifications for judges. Following the release of the proposal, Senator Bruce Caswell (R-16th District), who is a former tax assessor from Hillsdale County, formed a work group to explore Treasury’s proposed reforms. 

Bill Introduced To Allow Medical Marihuana Prohibition For Private Property

Senate Bill 783, introduced in the Michigan Legislature in February, proposes to amend the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act to prohibit the possession or smoking of medical marihuana on private property, in violation of a prohibition established by the property owner. However, the bill provides an exception for lessees of private residential rental property, who would only be prohibited from smoking or growing marihuana. Additionally, the proposed legislation prohibits smoking medical marihuana in any portion of private property that is open to the public.


Have A Builder’s License? Don’t Forget Your Continuing Competency

 Some AAM Members hold a Michigan Residential Builder License even though they may not be currently building. If you are one of these individuals and you wish to maintain your license, please remember that the State of Michigan now requires you to complete three hours of “continuing competency” by your renewal deadline of May 31, 2014. AAM and HBA are holding three hour classes (covering each of the required categories – one hour codes, one hour legal and one hour safety) which will provide you what you need to comply. Visit HBA’s website for online registration at

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