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Forrest WallWritten by Forrest Wall, CAE, Staff Vice President and Industry Relations

Election Day Is A Month Away … Help AAM-PAC Make A Difference!
The 2010 election in Michigan will play a pivotal role in shaping Michigan’s economic future. In addition to the Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State, all 38 seats in the Michigan Senate and all 110 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives are up for election.

One great way to have your voice heard is to support AAM-PAC. AAM-PAC is the Apartment Association’s political action committee, which utilizes contributions from members and aggregates them into one fund. This fund is used to financially support those elected officials who understand the important role of rental housing in Michigan’s economy. In short, we do the legwork for you to find the candidates who will best represent your business, and then support their campaign.

In the era of term limits, AAM’s role in educating our current and future legislators about rental housing issues has never been more important. Some of the issues AAM is working on currently include:

MBT Reform – AAM is working to eliminate the surcharge portion of the tax, and amend the gross receipts section to reduce the burden on apartment owners.

Rent Control – AAM is opposing a proposal to allow local rent control and inclusionary zoning.

Landlord Tenant Issues – AAM is working to defend the industry against a new wave of proposals mandating additional lease language.

Remember, AAM-PAC contributions must be made via personal, partnership, or LLP check or credit cards. Please contact me at 248-862-1004 to make your contribution today!

Wanted: Locations To Place Campaign Signage
Candidates for elected office are always seeking high visibility locations for political signs. Our industry is in a unique position to fulfill this need given the prime locations of property owned by members. As a part of our grassroots political relations program, AAM is asking for your assistance by letting us know where you have property that you would be willing to allow candidate signage to be placed.

AAM is developing a master list of such locations to act as a conduit between the industry and politicians. You will not be solicited directly by the candidates, as the Association will be the intermediary, and you will have final approval before signage is placed. This initiative gives our organization another opportunity to develop relationships with legislators beyond campaign contributions. For more information contact me at 248-862-1004, or e-mail me potential locations via forrestw@builders.org.


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